Black Realtors® Association

Grow. Share. Build.


Empowering Black Real Estate Professionals by providing opportunities to grow, share resources, build strong networks, create future leaders, and uphold the standards of excellence across our industry. 



To be the prominent Real Estate resource for Black Real Estate Professionals and their community in Canada

Board Members
Sheena Thompson
Charlene Williams
Lola Cromwell
Vice President
David Betty
Nene Judy Akintan
Director at Large
Greg Parker
Director at Large
Kaylin Smith
Director at Large
Mark Steele
Director at Large

Black Realtors® Association Canada (BRAC) is dedicated to empowering Black real estate professionals nationwide. BRAC provides opportunities for growth, learning, and business development. BRAC also strives to reduce discrimination in the real estate industry. This includes a readily available network of mentors across firms and communities purposed to provide guidance, access to networks and cultivate a new generation of leaders.

BRAC is committed to upholding the standards of excellence across the real estate industry in Canada. BRAC provides practical and relevant education to its members to help them grow their businesses and create future leaders.

Empowering Black Realtors®

Providing the resources and network needed to succeed.

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